Dogs Available for Adoption


Maynard is a 5 yr old 65 lb, funny, loaded with personality bully dog. Maynard knows sit, high five and he walks well on a leash and he loves car rides and playing with toys. Maynard will even carry a toy or his food bowl all the way around the block on his walk. Maynard also loves to cuddle and go for hikes. Maynard is good with kids and loves all people, good with most dogs and may even be okay with a cat. Maynard is neutered, chipped and vaccinated.
Spirit is a pocket pitty, he's one of the most affectionate and funny little dogs there is. He's approx 3 yrs old and 46lbs. He knows sit, he loves car rides and LOVES playing with toys, going for walks and he loves to lay in your lap. He snorts sometimes and he has several nick names such as Peanut, Munchkin and Daddy. Spirit is an easy little dog, good kids and good with most dogs as long as they are laid back and respectful of him and might be okay with a cat too. Spirit is crate trained and Spirit is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. 


Meet Sierra, she's an affectionate, funny, pitty. Sierra knows sit, high five and she is always ready to be in your lap, go for a ride or play with toys and she loves to go for walks. Sierra would like a laid back home and she would love to be able to cuddle with you in bed, Sierra is loyal and affectionate. Sierra is 9 years old. Spayed, chipped and vaccinated. 



My name is Trinity. There is a true meaning and reason for why I was named Trinity. Should you inquire about me for adoption, the folks with BBR can tell you my story. But moving forward, I am now very ready for my forever home. I am 3 yrs old and 65lbs. I am gentle and very affectionate and loyal. I am also great with children. I am house trained and crate trained. I am in training for leash skills and learning basic commands. But I will indeed need a compassionate and patient home or family to continue working with me. 


Bonded brothers or just best friends. These boys are short, stout, snorting, love machines. Their tails are always wagging and they are always seeking kisses and affection. They love going for walks, laying in your lap on the couch and they love car rides and they love everyone. Good with kids too. Jesse & James are approximately 2-1/2 to 3 yrs old and approx 65lbs. Both are neutered, chipped and vaccinations. 


Cinder is a young female Cane Corso. Cinder is smaller for a Cane. She is well behaved, Cinder knows basic commands. Cinder is good with most dogs and she is good with older kids. Cinder is crate trained and very athletic. Cinder is spayed, chipped and current with vaccines. 


Meet Louie, he's a happy, affectionate and laid back pitty. He loves to sit in your lap and snuggle, he will occasionally play with a toy, but he just prefers to follow you around the house and have you give him belly rubs. Louie is approx 4 yrs old and 55lbs. Louie would do well in a laid back home, he would enjoy being spoiled and he loves everyone. Louie will soon be neutered, and will be chipped and is current with his vaccinations. 

Hi my name is Guinness I am a 4 yr old 140lbs Neo Mastifff I love to play ball, I know basic commands, I am good with kids, I walk well on a leash. I also love to just follow you around the house and lay at your feet for belly rubs, I crave attention. I am neutered, chipped and ready for a home.


Handsome Gustavo is a Presa Canario. Gustavo is approx 2-1/2 years old and currently 85lbs. Gustavo is regal, gentle and loyal and laid back,  he also loves to play with toys, he walks well on a leash and likes car rides and he is very treat and toy motivated for training. He would also make a great hiking dog as he is very athletic. Gustavo is an incredible dog. Gustavo will  also need to be the only dog in the home. 



Meet Daphne, she is approx 3 years old. Daphne good with children of all ages, although older would be better for her because she is a goober and doesn’t really understand her size. She is good with dogs, and lived with another Bullmastiff in her prior home, we would like to keep them together and his name is Andre but we understand you may not want both, so for the right home, we will consider a single adoption. But we do prefer to keep Daphne & Andre together.  Daphne is spayed, chipped and current with her vaccinations. 



Andre is a true gentle giant and big lover he approx 4 yrs old and 100lbs hes is good with dogs and children and lived with another Bullmastiff in his prior home, we would like to keep them together and her name is Daphne, her photo is shown here  with Andre, but we understand you may not want both, so for the right home, we will consider a single adoption, but do prefer to keep Andre & Daphne together. Andre likes to be close and give you big we kisses, Andre likes to play and he's a typical goofy,loving Bullmastiff who is loyal and will follow you around the house. Andre is neutered, chipped and vaccinations to date.